Managing your clients & matters just got easier.

Increase productivity and profitability with our easy-to-use legal practice management platform.

GhostPractice In Action

Features designed with your law firm in mind.

Time Capture & Billing

Enjoy fee automation and fee capture prompts in real-time.

Seamless Matter Management

Consolidate your all of your matter file information in one place.

Automate Document Generation

Create your own Precedent Libraries with Smart Documents. Drastically reduce the time and effort it takes to draft both simple and complex documents.

Organize Your Documents

Safely and securely store your documents consistently in a matter-centric place.

Contact & Client Management

Catalogue and manage your client’s information in addition to other third party contacts on matters for improved CRM.

Task & Milestone Management

Assign tasks individually or in a saved workflow set in addition to marking key milestone deadlines with an interactive interface and summary reports.

Integrations & Accessibility

  • Office365
    Seamless office integration with Office 365 - Outlook, Word, and Excel.
  • Mobile & Tablet Accessibility
    Instantly access your practice information from your mobile or tablet device. Capture fees, assign tasks.
  • 3rd Party Integrations
    Integrate with your Cost Recovery System; Conveyancing System and use our Import/Export functionality to send or receive data.

Simple to Set Up and Implement

  • Discovery
    We’ll collaborate to understand your specific needs and existing infrastructure.
  • Setup
    GhostPractice have a team of dedicated professionals to help with all your setup and configuration needs.  Our project managers will help with your data migration, training, and change management strategies every step of the way.
  • Launch
    Our Implementation Consultants will be on hand (both virtually and wherever possible on-site) to guide your staff as they begin to use GhostPractice for their daily tasks. This "hand-holding" will continue for 3 months which will ensure that all processes run smoothly on the new system.

Our clients.

We’re proud to collaborate with Southern Africa’s leading law practices.

We have automated the assignment of responsibilities with the task set templates and can easily track our key milestones with summary reports that produce automatically, allowing us to always be on top of our clients needs.”

20+ User Firm 
20+ User Firm

The program is more than an accounting system, it has revolutionized our business in file management, document solutions, legal practice management and time recording.”

10+ User Firm 
10+ User Firm

Nothing falls through the cracks. We now track every deadline and milestone as a case progresses, using the task management features in GhostPractice.”

200+ User Firm 
200+ User Firm

Having used other legal practice management software where you could only access or work on one file at a time, I find it extremely convenient that myself and other users can have multiple files open to work on simultaneously.”

5+ User Firm 
5+ User Firm

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