We make managing your finances simple.

Our One-System Approach allows you to manage all aspects of the business, from recording fees to managing cashflow and monitoring budgets.

Ghost Practice Software

The ultimate finance platform for your law firm.

Business & Trust Accounting

Manage the entire business in one seamlessly integrated solution comprising the Client/Matter Trust Ledger; General Ledger and Business Creditors Ledger.

Front Office / Back Office Collaboration

With interfaces that make sense for each side of the business, users can collaborate better on processes like billing, payment requisitions, and disbursement capture.

Security & User Management

Easily manage users and firm role profiles to grant access or restrictions to many areas of the program including full modules and reports.

Alerts & Warnings

Benefit from all the system alerts to prevent overdrawing your trust, flagging and identifying imbalances easily, and more.

Streamline Month/Year End

Make your month/year end easier with more flexible tools designed just for bookkeepers.

Financial Management Reporting

Everything you need to analyse your business performance; from Income Statements and Balance Sheets to Key Performance Indicators and Budget Reviews as well as effortless preparation for your Trust Audit.

Simple to Setup & Implement

  • Discovery
    We’ll collaborate to understand your specific needs and existing infrastructure.
  • Setup
    GhostPractice have a team of dedicated professionals to help with all your setup and configuration needs. Our project managers will help with your data migration, training, and change management strategies every step of the way.
  • Launch
    Our Implementation Consultants will be on hand (both virtually and wherever possible on-site) to guide your staff as they begin to use GhostPractice for their daily tasks. This “hand-holding” will continue for 3 months which will ensure that all processes run smoothly on the new system.
Setup & Implementation

We are here for you.

Our seasoned team of industry experts will be with you every step of the way. We take great pride in delivering unrivaled client service and a seamless platform experience.

GhostPractice provides the ease of finding information and being able to generate reports instantaneously. Having used previous software where it would take almost a day to generate some reports, this is a huge timesaver.”

40+ User Firm 
40+ User Firm

GhostPractice has assisted in our ability to track significant milestones and enables us to obtain customized reports to assist in our reporting to our financial institutional clients.”

30+ User Firm 
30+ User Firm

There are so many ways GhostPractice makes financial processes and reporting easy and user friendly, including their many reports, which you can pull up at any moment to study the current financial status of your business.”

5+ User Firm 
5+ User Firm

Using GhostPractice reports to track our time and profitability by file type, we pinpointed activities that help our bottom line, and made adjustments to ensure we minimize non-billable activities and work as efficiently as we can for our clients.”

100+ User Firm 
100+ User Firm

I will gladly recommend GhostPractice to any law firm that wants to improve its financial performance while delivering the best possible service to its clients.”

100+ User Firm 
100+ User Firm

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