You’ve got questions,
we’ve got answers.

Is GhostPractice too big, or too small for my firm?
Our platform has been developed for law firms that range from 5-300 people. The solution is designed for business managers, lawyers, clerks, paralegals, legal assistants and finance/accounting teams who are looking to better manage their business and streamline their workflows.
Will you help migrate my data from my old system?
Yes we provide a Data Conversion Plan free of charge. If you have a system in place, we will analyse your existing data with you and jointly agree what data is appropriate to bring into GhostPractice. If you do not have a legacy system in place you can supply us with “System Take on Data” in spreadsheet form, which we can then import into GhostPractice.
I’m looking for software to replace my existing solution. Why should we choose GhostPractice?

At GhostPractice, we are obsessed with helping clients become better businesses with less effort. It is part of our mission to create improved business performance, while emphasizing work-life balance. Some of GhostPractice’s key features include:

  • Billing and Trust Accounting
  • Time and Fee Capture
  • Matter Management
  • Document Management and Assembly
  • Task and Milestone Management
  • Contact and Client Management

While there are programs that may handle these features individually, GhostPractice has the best integrated all-in-one solution. For more information on our benefits, please visit our solutions page.

Will my staff get the training they need?

Yes. You will be assigned a dedicated project manager who will help guide you through the process of transitioning from your legacy system to GhostPractice.  The projects teams will assist you and your legal teams with data migration, training, support and go-live hand-holding amoungst other things to help make the transition to GhostPractice as seamless as possible.

Do I need to use an additional accounting system with GhostPractice?

GhostPractice includes full Trust and Business Accounting as well as Sophisticated Financial Management Reporting. There is no need to have an additional accounting system with GhostPractice.

Do you host my data and where?
GhostPractice runs on a Microsoft SQL database and at present, we do not host your data.  Your data is owned and controlled 100% by you and your firm.  As such, you can host your data in the cloud, on premise, or with a third party IT company if you want.  It’s completely up to you.
What are my options for working remotely with GhostPractice?

There are many different ways to access and work remotely with GhostPractice.  Many of the remote ways of working with GhostPractice include: web browser login, VPN, remote desktop, remote application, virtual workstation login, and we even have a mobile app for your phone. 

How does your pricing work?
There are no upfront costs whatsoever. Our Implementation Process is Free of Charge and you only start paying once you go live. We charge a monthly rental calculated according to how the system is implemented. We will gladly present you with a detailed costing as soon as we understand your business better and you understand exactly how GhostPractice can help you create better business performance.
Is there an opportunity to customize the platform for my practice?

All GhostPractice implementations are configured specifically to meet the needs of each law firm.  There are many aspects of the program that can be customized as well.  Please contact us directly to learn more about our implementation services and assistance with customizations and configurations.