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We release two to four updates to our practice management software annually. This controlled innovation results in our clients continuously getting more value from their case management and financial administration software.

Old and New Way Gears

Each of our software updates introduces new functionality to our legal practice software. Each new feature significantly improves our practice management software’s simplicity of use.

Planning structure of company

Our software updates introduce enhancements to existing functionality in our legal practice software. These enhancements can significantly improve the time management techniques in a law firm.

Designs coming from mobile phone

The GhostPractice Mobile app is an example of our drive to innovate. The app enables law firm staff to record fees and file notes on the go, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of forgetting to bill a client.

Our process is being continuously improved to drive more effective implementations at law firms. These changes are geared towards creating happier and better performing staff once you have changed to our legal billing system.