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Making a long-term investment in your legal practice should be carefully considered and informed. With the myriad of legal practice management solutions out there offering training, education, staffing and business advisory services it’s always beneficial to get advice from your peers – people who have partnered with us and who have first-hand experience of the benefits.
To see what our clients, your peers, have to say about us, click on the links below.
This should help you rest easy in your decision to partner with us.


Dickinson & Theunissen Inc

Essack & Hansa Attorneys for Small Firms

Lister & Company

Andrew Duff Attorneys


Smit Sewgoolam Inc

Futcher & Poppesqou Attorneys

Spencer Pitman

Ettiene de Heus

Hesselink Konig

Mc Naught & Co

Goldberg De Villiers


Steenkamp Attorneys

Why consider GhostPractice?

What our Clients Say

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General practice

"Since we've been working on GhostPractice, we have never looked back. Our fees have increased dramatically and the staff's productivity has also improved"

Minkie Wessels Director
Cilliers & Reynders Attorneys Logo

General practice

"The cost incurred is in comparison to paying the salary of one individual, but with the benefit of 18 assistants!"

Marietjie Johnsen Financial Manager
Anthony Whatmore & Company Logo

General practice

"GhostPractice has made a difference in nearly every aspect of the business but more importantly on the cash flow and real time availability of data to everyone on the system"

Anthony Whatmore Managing Partner
Greyvensteins Attorneys Logo

General practice

"The conversion from our legacy system was smooth and trouble free. The management of our litigation and collections departments is much improved"

R Greyvenstein Director
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General practice

"As a business owner, I am able to make the right decisions quickly"

Luyolo Poswa Director
A. Wolmarans Inc. Attorneys Logo

Road accident claims specialists

"...I don't know how we ever did without it. If someone is not willing to give GhostPractice a fair chance then they are actually robbing themselves!"

Gavin Roberts Director

Letters of Endorsement

“From the moment we implemented GhostPractice we felt the difference. Suddenly there was awareness, not only with our Directors, but also with all staff members that we are conducting a business, that time is money and that effective management can only be achieved with appropriate accounting, data capturing, time management and access to files and accounting


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” We take pride in being associated with Korbitec (Pty) Ltd and their GhostPractice division and we gladly recommend their products, technical expertise and professional service to any Legal Practitioner/s.”


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“From the start of this process with the initial demonstration to our current situation where we are comfortable and happy with GhostPractice, we have experienced a superior level of professionalism and dedication from the staff at GhostPractice.”


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“We recommend this system, without any reservation to any law firm that is serious about striving for a competitive edge…”


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“I would highly recommend any law firm, be that a sole practitioner or a multi-partner multi-director firm, to seriously consider converting to GhostPractice, complete with their team of expert consultants and backup.”


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“We have experienced a superior level of professionalism and dedication from the staff at GhostPractice.”


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“I firmly believe that any law firm or company could benefit from the installation of the GhostPractice system.”


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“I thank you for an exceptional product and service and may our relationship be a long one. I will happily refer you to future prospective clients.”


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“Its applications are limited only by one’s own imagination.”


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“After interviewing many potential service providers, we decided to go with GhostPractice due to their professionalism and eagerness to be involved with our firm.”


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“We were not convinced that this software will work better than the previous system we had but after a few more visits from Desire and Korbicom personnel, our firm decided to acquire the software”


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“The reports have enabled all the Directors to access the financial information whenever necessary and to be better prepared for meetings to discuss the finances and planning”


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“We recommend GhostPractice as an exceptional business tool and commend their staff for their continual investment in the legal industry”


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“This letter serves to thank you for an excellent product and for the excellent service as provided in respect of the legal software”


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“We now use less paper and are more productive. Hunting down files is a thing of the past”


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