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 Practice managers, legal bookkeepers, lawyers, decision-makers, legal assistants and all other legal support staff interact with the technology (case management, document management, legal billing systems, and more) deployed within a law firm via the practice’s processes and procedures.

Our vast experience with law firms has taught us that these interactions between people, processes and technology need specific focus in order to give a law firm the best chance at optimising its operations and maximising its profitability.

As such, we have complemented our practice management software with management consulting and other services to maximise the value we can add to your legal services business.

Our management consulting and other service offerings start during the sales process and progress during the implementation phase. The focus is on understanding how your law firm operates and then deploying GhostPractice to complement your law firm’s operations, while at the same time incorporating best practice into the processes at your law firm where applicable.


We focus on your processes, legal services, financial administration, and operations staff to ensure you are in a position to get the most out of your accounting law and case management system.


Our implementation process is comprehensive, people-focused, incorporates best practice and is virtually risk-free for law firms. We are so confident we can offer your legal services business a better way to operate that we allow you to opt out at any time prior to going live on GhostPractice should you not be happy with our implementation.

We have developed a comprehensive suite of end-user training courses that assist legal services, bookkeeping services and general administrative staff to get the most out of our practice management software.


End-user training courses are free for our clients’ staff and our courses run continuously throughout the year at our offices.


Clients’ staff members are encouraged to attend refresher courses and law firms are encouraged to make attending our end-user training courses part of the induction process for new staff.


We have designed our end-user training courses so that it aligns with the various modules in our legal software (case management, financial administration and system administration), as well as roles within a legal services business partners, professionals, legal bookkeepers, practice managers, and more.

Experience has taught us that successfully deploying a practice management system does not stop once a client has gone live on it.


Thus, we include regular visits at clients’ offices in our service offering, in order to go through the system with them to ensure that they are making optimal use of the system features.


Our visits also include a review of the key reports that decision-makers (partners, practice managers and financial administration resources) should be using to ensure the law firm is focused on managing productivity, revenue and cash flow.


Our proactive visits are scheduled regularly with decision makers at law firms. In addition to reviewing reports, we offer fresh eyes for reviewing how work is being done at the firm and how to improve on it (from developing custom reports for clients of the law firm to creating legal templates document automation and management).

At GhostPractice, we have established a bookkeeping services division to assist clients with their financial administration requirements.


The service can either be provided at your law firm’s offices or remotely and it can be provided on a regular or ad hoc basis. We believe flexibility, competency and reliability are key to providing clients with a world-class service and have developed our bookkeeping services approach accordingly.


Our resources are fully up-to-date with our legal billing system and the legal bookkeeping rules in general. Their wealth of experience coupled with our financial administration and case management legal suite will ensure your firm has the best chance of financial success.


From a flexibility perspective, we can provide our resources to assist your legal bookkeeper with ad hoc issues encountered, when your financial administration staff go on leave or even with year-end ad hoc activities.


To further enhance our service offering, our legal bookkeepers are highly involved during the implementation process and in our training courses.

Our FASSET (Finance and Accounting Services Sector Education and Training Authority) accredited training courses have been developed to give legal bookkeepers or people wanting to become a legal bookkeeper, a practice manager or a financial administration resource the skills to do so.


Our training academy is a separate initiative from our end-user courses and is designed to give students the legal accounting, bookkeeping and practice management skills necessary to run a better legal services business. This is in contrast to our end-user training courses which have been designed to enable attendees to get the most out of GhostPractice.


We offer two training academy courses: Legal Bookkeeping and Practice Management. The courses run on an ad hoc basis and can also be tailored to be delivered at your law firm, if you are a GhostPractice client.


From time-to-time, we also offer Microsoft Excel courses as we have found this to be a skill that can be drastically improved at law firms.


For  more information, please visit our GhostPractice Academy page.

GhostPractice hosts regular workshops around the country during the course of the year. These give our clients the opportunity to hear from industry experts and gain invaluable knowledge from these experts.


These workshops also include a section on changes we have made to the case management, document management, legal billing system and practice management modules of our law firm software. This affords our clients the opportunity to see the myriad of enhancements we continue to make, and help them to gain more value from GhostPractice.


The workshops complement the detailed end-user notes we produce with each update. These workshops also act as a networking opportunity among our clients.

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