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Our Approach

Our unique legal software is designed to help law firms improve administrative efficiency. The real-time information it provides can revolutionise the way you manage legal matters, staff and your business as a whole. But we don’t get fixated on only the legal suite software, because we realise that is only part of the solution you need.
Software alone doesn’t produce results. People, optimised processes and quality technology produce results.

Our unique implementation process has evolved over more than a decade because of the lessons that we learned while implementing GhostPractice at more than 450 law firms.

We invest time in getting to know your business and gain the trust and co-operation of the people in your firm. We optimise the setup of our system based on an in-depth analysis of your legal practice and make accurate transfer of your firm’s current data as painless and efficient as possible. We also train users to know not only which buttons to push, but how to use the legal practice management software to do their everyday work more efficiently. In addition to this, we support and challenge them to develop work habits that will impact your firm’s bottom line, challenging your practice to grow with the system as it develops in years to come. We provide prompt, competent practice management support to resolve whatever issues may present themselves throughout our long-term relationship. And we keep improving our software based on our clients’ suggestions and changes in the business environment.

Throughout the process, our focus remains firmly on helping your firm to improve efficiency and increase revenue, profitability and cash-flow.

Our clients have seen, on average double-digit increase in revenue after implementing the GhostPractice system. Whether capturing more billable time or identifying areas for improved practices, GhostPractice helps you drive your practice in the direction of being more efficient and profitable. 

An integrated front-end/back-end system and all-in-one dynamic Microsoft SQL database means all of your clients, documents, tasks, and other legal matter details are stored in the same place as your legal billing and accounting information. No more double data entry, or linking to multiple programs. GhostPractice provides you with one solution, in one application, from one company. 

Consolidate all of your file information and work product in one place. As a matter-centric system, GhostPractice provides the information you and your team need to work more effectively on your files to deliver the best and most cost-effective service to your clients.

There’s no need to wait for month-end reports, GhostPractice provides you with real-time information when and where you need it, in order to give you the power to make the most informed decisions for your business.

Our seasoned team of industry experts are with you every step of the way. Whether before, during or after your implementation, our team will stay with you – side by side – to ensure you are getting the results you expect, and more.

As a Microsoft Gold Certified Partner, GhostPractice has developed all the tools to integrate with the products you use most commonly. You can easily assign Outlook emails and calendar appointments to files. All Word, Excel, and PowerPoint documents can be saved back to your matters with a simple button click. Integration extends to cost recovery and conveyancing solutions as well. 

Take your laptop home and work remotely, all the while maintaining real-time access to your files and legal matter information. GhostPractice also has an application for your smartphone and tablet, so you can record time, fees and file notes on all your matters. The app includes summary report views for your files, which means you can always review the financial status of any client, no matter where you are.

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