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“Innovation” can be defined simply as a new idea, device or method. However, innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs or existing market needs.

Our drive to improve how law firms operate motivates us to push the boundaries past previous features in our practice management software and our management consulting services.

One of the key characteristics we focus on is “the simplicity of use” of our case management and financial administration software. This drives us to make continuous improvements to our software, our implementation services, our bookkeeping services, our end-user training and, in general, everything we do.

These innovations impact how a decision-maker, professional, bookkeeper or a legal secretary can improve the way they work when tackling daily processes, tasks and deadlines.

Time is money and our goal is to reduce the time spent so that, ultimately, the legal practice team can do what they enjoy doing most: practising law.

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Software updates

We release two to four updates to our practice management software annually.

This controlled innovation results in our clients continuously getting more value from their case management and financial administration software.

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New functionality

Each of our software updates introduces new functionality to our legal practice software.

Each new feature significantly improves our practice management software’s simplicity of use.

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Functionality enhancements

Our software updates introduce enhancements to existing functionality in our legal practice software.

These enhancements can significantly improve the time management techniques in a law firm.

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Mobile App

The GhostPractice Mobile app is an example of our drive to innovate.

The app enables law firm staff to record fees and file notes on the go, thus increasing efficiency and reducing the risk of forgetting to bill a client.

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Implementation process

Our process is being continuously improved to drive more effective implementations at law firms.

These changes are geared towards creating happier and better performing staff once you have changed to our legal billing system.

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End-user training

Our end-user training courses are constantly evolving to make the learning process at your legal practice easier.

We are striving to deliver innovative, on-site, off-site and e-learning opportunities for the professional and financial administration users at your law firm.

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Remote access

Our case management and financial administration software is geared towards working from anywhere.

We are constantly working with relevant service providers to make working remotely easier and more cost-effective.

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Simplicity of use includes leveraging existing solutions at law firms to their best advantage.

Our integration of Microsoft Office applications (Word, Excel and Outlook) make working in a law firm easier. We also integrate with cost recovery solutions and other solutions such as Lexis Convey and E4.

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Your requests

Our clients spend a significant portion of their time at their law firm. Listening to their experiences and requirements helps us innovate and, at the same time, meet the needs of these directors, practice management staff members, financial administrators, legal professionals and support staff.

Listening to the legal services industry experts helps us drive innovation and continuous improvement in the right direction.


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