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Implementation & Costing

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The Implementation Process

We’ve successfully implemented GhostPractice at over 450 firms across South Africa and learned valuable lessons along the way. Over time, we developed and fine-tuned a unique implementation process and skill set that minimizes risk and disruption during implementation and maximizes the value that each client gets from GhostPractice. Each project gets the personal attention and dedicated resources it deserves.

The process starts with a professional demonstration of our product by sales staff who are part of our management team and have extensive experience in the legal industry. Decision makers and key staff at your firm will have the opportunity to see our product in action. Your questions will be answered by means of illustration, not just by comparing product features on paper, so that your firm can make a fully informed decision.

Decision makers will be provided with a cost estimate that is tailored to your environment at the end of the demonstration. And you will be shown how the way in which the process is managed offers your firm an opportunity that makes implementation virtually risk-free.

Contract Signed

No upfront fees.

No risk by client.

All Risk is taken by GhostPractice.

SAR - IT Site Assessment Report

Site Audit Report (SAR).

Assessment of all IT infrastructure.

Project Kick off Meeting

Meeting of GhostPractice and client teams.

Representation of SAR Report.

Legacy Data Extracted

GhostPractice extracts existing client data from legacy systems.

GAP Analysis

Observe how each staff member and department currently interacts with files, current systems and what their internal/external reporting needs are.

GhostPractice team documents all findings and areas of improvement.

GAP Presentation

GhostPractice team reports back to client on GAP report demonstrating every area that GhostPractice will improve their business.

GhostPractice Loaded

GhostPractice test systems loaded on client network with clients Legacy Data for users to practice.

Formal Training

Formal training takes place at GhostPractice offices in a structured training environment.

User Acceptance Testing

Client tests GhostPractice performance using their own data.

Go LIVE - Sign-off meeting

Client signs off the completed project steps and Go-LIVE documentation.

GhostPractice Go LIVE

GhostPractice is fully operational and live.

On Site - Handholding

GhostPractice provides full on-site support and “hand-holding” post Go-LIVE.

Hand over to GP Support

Managed by GhostPractice support team.

Post Implementation Analysis

Full review of implementation to determine success of the project.


There are no upfront costs when implementing GhostPractice.
Our pricing structure is transparent. Your firm pays a monthly rental, based on the number of users and the elements of the system that they use. You will be provided with a cost estimate that is tailored to your firm’s specific needs and circumstances when we demonstrate the system to your firm’s decision maker(s).

Implementation of the system

Training for new users and life-long refresher training for existing users (at any of our training centres)

Remote support during business hours

Access to online training videos and help files

Proactive on-site visits

Regular software updates

Pre Go-Live and Post Go-Live

We made transitioning to GhostPractice as risk-free, simple and efficient as possible. Our implementation process has two phases:
Pre Go-Live and Post Go-Live

The initial phase, Pre Go-Live, usually takes place over a three-month period. During this time, we will analyse your firm’s data, operating processes and procedures, the technology you use, and your staff.

After we have gathered this information, we design an implementation strategy that strives to ensure that once your practice is using the GhostPractice legal practice management software, there is an increase is billables and efficiency.

Thereafter, we move to the Post Go-Live phase – this is usually a one-month phase where our staff are on-site at your practice regularly to make sure that each of your employees is comfortable with the using our software.

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