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  • In many cases when I am out consulting to legal firms, I am presented with that old chestnut…"if my system is not broken then why should I try to fix it?" I then have to delve a little deeper through some key questions to get to the bottom of what the prospect actually means by saying "it aint broken"!

  • Every practice that does any kind of volume work for one or many clients will have gone through the nightmare of drafting up complicated reports for their respective clients. The problem is that in most cases the process of drafting these reports is horribly manual and sadly, they seldom actually hit the mark!

  • Fee Management and "Bill of Costs" Whatever the reason, drafting a Bill of Costs is a complete nightmare. Different attorneys will approach this tedious, time-consuming task with the appropriate levels of WAB (Work Avoidance Behaviour): Shuffling the bill to the bottom of your to-do list. Taking it home on the week-end - only to leave it in the boot of the car until Monday. Giving it to the clerk so he/she can make a proper mess of it! Eventually conceding and sending it to a cost consultant….who charges you 12.5% Little wonder

  • Cash is the most important resource in any business. It is therefore surprising that it is generally the most poorly managed aspect of many legal practices. Cash flow management tends to take the form of crisis control at the end of each month.

  • Every attorney has suffered the disappointment of working hard for a client and then battling to collect the money for legitimate fees earned. Worse still, there are times where you simply have to write fees off. This can be demoralizing and if it becomes a pattern, it can literally kill your business. Naturally this issue affects businesses of all sizes and this article will outline the simple techniques and processes that have, in our experience, made collecting money from clients, so much easier.   How you start influences how you end! It is

  • If we examine the specific process of recording fees and then turning those fees into an invoice (which will hopefully get paid), what seems at first a very simple concept can become convoluted and fraught with problems; duplication and errors and omissions! In this article I will highlight some of the most common processes at work in many practices which we consult with on a daily basis. I will then explore how the process can easily be more efficient and effective, with a few key changes and a large dose of

  • To most of us email is the tool we take for granted. It allows us to communicate with clients; advocates; opposing parties, easily and efficiently. Just pause and think what it took to get a letter out to a client before email….Dictation followed by a secretary typing out the letter; checking the letter; dictating changes; secretary makes the changes; send the letter via Docex…what a mission! So we are all better off thanks to email. Email makes the simple things in our business transactions…simple! In various visits to prospective clients, I

  • Ask yourself how much you invest in Practice Management. To answer this, you first have to define just what Practice Management means to you?

  • Legal documents take many different forms. Some are very simple and others are massively complex. In either case, your documents reflect.

  • If you tried to fly an aircraft full of passengers, without clear-cut policies and procedures (which are adhered to strictly and without exception), sooner or later you would have a number of air disasters on your hands! People would die and airline companies would quickly go out of business as people took to travelling by rail or road as the safer alternatives!

  • The rapid progress of Information Technology has seen us speed through the technology era and into the "information era". As various technologies get better and more efficient, so your business should become better and more efficient. This is not always the case though and it is only through the intelligent application of these intuitive systems that you will see the true benefits. This is where GhostPractice excels!   Historical Systems Defined In any sales demonstration there are various Practice Management Systems that will appear impressive. Full of features, that in isolation, promise to

  • In most of the practices we consult with, the word that best describes the billing "attitude" of South African Attorneys is…."Apologetic"! It is always a thorny issue when a client wants to know what the service will cost. It becomes even more difficult when it comes time to account to clients. The good news is that there are some very basic principles, which you can follow in order to improve the quality of your billing while still improving client relations!

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