5+ User Firm

Most of the legal practice management software packages sell themselves on enhancing efficiency. But GhostPractice is the first one that we have encountered that does that – no fuss, no muss.”

10+ User Firm

The features and benefits of this product are highly beneficial to any law practice and provide an excellent management tool for fast and reliable data.”

20+ User Firm

Previously, we had two separate systems for case management, legal billing and accounting. It’s been a real benefit having a single system that integrates both to manage our legal practice.”

20+ User Firm

There is no doubt in our minds that we have made the right decision in changing to GhostPractice and would not consider using any other service provider.”

50+ User Firm

We learned a tremendous amount about our business and there is no doubt that we’re far better off after our successful implementation of GhostPractice.”