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About Us

GhostPractice is a division of Korbicom (Pty) Ltd. Korbicom is a privately owned company. Its core business is software development and subsequent commercialisation of technology-based products. The injection of software development expertise into these enterprises, together with finance, marketing, sales, strong management and administrative services, is the basis of our successful strategy.

Korbicom’s mission is to deliver successful software products and services to both the South African and growing international markets.

We see ourselves as a technology innovator where great ideas are nurtured into software products and developed to maturity in order to deliver successful commercial ventures.

Our shareholders and team have a long (in excess of 50 years) and successful history of supporting the legal industry with innovative, award winning and market leading products and services.  These include GhostConvey, GhostWriter and Windeed to name a few.

GhostPractice has been in existence for more than 12 years now and has steadily grown into a market leading practice management solution. We have both a local and international presence and this helps us ensure that our South African clients benefit from our international exposure.

As a product, as a services provider and as a team of people, GhostPractice continues to strive to be the best- so our client can always have the best.

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